Top 8 Advantages of Data Appending Services

To create a successful 360 degrees direct advertising campaign, you want an integrated and complete company or consumer database.

Now, over 87 percent of businesses in the United States have databases that are incomplete. If you want to know more about data append then you can check out official sites.

Here are the top 8 reasons, why you should invest in getting your database appended right away.

Email Marketing

  1. Revive old contacts –The upgraded NCOA in the vendor’s database will enable you to achieve those who’d transferred out and re-touch them.
  2. Open doors to new ways of advertising – When you get the comprehensive database on your hand, you are able to touch your prospects at several points via multi-channel advertising.
  3. Boost response levels – Reduce wastage as a result of undeliverable emails, boost response rates and increase savings on postage and printing.
  4. Data cleanup – Apart from adding the missing info you can also get your information adjusted for mistakes like obsolete locality titles; miss-spelled localities, names and e-mail Ids, zip codes; fraud titles and email addresses, amongst others.
  5. Gain a competitive edge – By providing the proper content to the right prospects at the right time, through the ideal channel, you can move a step ahead of your competition.
  6. Faster turn-around – They provide append rates ranging from 30-70percent and deliver results within a couple weeks, so that you may start your full-circle marketing campaign straight away.
  7. Boost data integrity – During the appending services you’ll find a full and powerful database. It is also possible to get other demographic information of your prospects while appending – such as age, sex, income, credit rating, etc.
  8. Get confirmed contact details – All the records appended are assessed and thus guarantee 100% delivery so you can guarantee accuracy in your advertising campaign.
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