Tips + Tricks

I can’t say it enough… the key to great makeup is great skin, so take care of your skin always.

But these golden rules will help too:

  • Master the basics: learn how to correctly apply foundation, concealer, eye liner, mascara, blush, bronzer and eye brow pencil. Watch YouTube videos or check out Allure magazine, which offers the best step-by-step illustrated tutorials
  • Use makeup brushes. My mainstays: 1 fluffy general purpose blush/powder brush, concealer brush, slanted eye shadow brush, blush brush, foundation brush and a stippling brush
  • If you splurge on a gorgeous blush, eye shadow, or bronzer, always use a clean brush. If you don’t, pigments blend together and you get a muddy look.
  • Start your makeup routine with a freshly washed and moisturized face
  • For “special occasion” makeup, skip washing of your face and exfoliate face instead.  Go slowly. Focus on gently massaging forehead, nose and chin for longer, not harder. These areas tend to be more oily/clogged with gunk
  • Don’t neglect your body. Exfoliate your neck, body, arms, and hands. Use a loofah or a physical scrub or alternate using both
    Note: A “shower pouf ” is NOT A LOOFAH
  • Try a natural exfoliant, like milk or raw sugar. The lactic acid in milk is fabulous. Dip a warm washcloth in a little milk and gently wash face with the cloth to exfoliate your skin in a pinch. This is really great for sensitive or dry skin
  • Use primer before you put on foundation or eye shadow to help it last longer. I use one for face and a different one for eye lids.
  • When you apply mascara to top lashes, tip your chin WAY up. Touch it to the mirror and look down your nose. This allows the mascara wand maximum air space as you swipe it through. For lower lashes, do the opposite and touch forehead to mirror
  • Keep one big fluffy makeup brush separate from your others and use it *just* for buffing+blending.  The key to great, natural-looking makeup is simple: blend it in reallllly well. Obviously you need to clean this bad boy weekly. {right. I don’t either, but I know I should. baby steps}

  • Need to clean up a makeup or nail polish mistake? Lick the tip of your finger and gently scrape. The key is the lick! A dry finger sets the smudge, but if you can get errant eye liner or polish with a wet finger or tip of your finger nail, you can skip the q-tip and makeup/polish remover. Works great in a pinch.

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