Tips to Hire a Mold Inspector

If you suspect that there may be mold in your home, your next step is to appoint an inspector to come in and test your home for mold. Tactlessly, there are a lot of scam artists who are just out to get your cash and run. These scam artists will tell you have mold, just to get to commission off the "remediation and repair" of your "mold damage". To escape these scams, be ready to enquire the right questions before you hire an inspector. You can also visit for appointing a reliable mold inspector.

• Are they certified? This means that they have the proper education and in-depth skills to actually find your mold, test the right areas of your home and can proposal assistance in repairing the problem. If they are not certified, then more than likely you are dealing with a scam artist. 

• How do they test for mold in your home? The answer you are looking for will comprise a visual search for mold, indoor/outdoor air quality testing, infrared scans, and sampling. 

• What do they do with the samples? All mold inspectors will direct any mold samples they collect off to a lab, where they can be verified for what type of mold you have loitering in your home. This will control the next step to take with how to remove the mold.

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