Tips For Finding The Right Personal Trainer For You?

Always ask to see qualifications and insurance for your own personal safety and think about where you would like the training to take place – some trainers will work outside or at the gym and some at your home. My final tip is not to feel intimidated by someone who is very fit – we do have a bit of a reputation for being muscle bound but we are human too.

We are intense, passionate creatures and our bodies crave for our workouts to be the same. We are not whales crossing the Atlantic; we are cheetahs exploding over 10 seconds. But it’s not all about what our bodies respond best to, it’s about breaking barriers and getting out of that convenience mentality that you have adopted.

It’s what got you into trouble in the first place and when you are trying to reverse something, it doesn’t make sense do keep doing it – you need to do the opposite.In order to get more information on personal fitness you can also navigate to

When losing weight is what we need to achieve, we need to make it a central part of our life, inconvenient as it may be, to later be able to integrate it as a part of our lifestyle that “just works”. Something we don’t even have to think about. But if you put on cruise control too early, you’ll cover little distance over a long time and thus, you’ll get bored and turn back.

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