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Just use it already

josie-maran-argan-color-stick-petal-pinkWe all have products (and clothes) that languish in our makeup bags and closets that for one reason or another we just don’t pick up on a regular basis. Often, I’m trying to conserve it for a special occassion. Then I rediscover it months later, totally forgotten. So my new motto is: Just use it already!

One of my favorite buried “discoveries” is this Josie Maran Argan Cheek Tint Stick, $22, in petal pink. It works on cheeks and lips and is so moisturizing. Usually I avoid that with my oily skin, but it works for me. The color is incredible on tan skin and it works as the most wonderful blush base for me to do my powder blush (Benefit’s Coralista) on top. (This is a little trick I picked up from my wedding makeup artist and Kate Middleton employs it beautifully.) The end result is a beautiful, multi-faceted blush look with major staying power.




Do’s and Don’ts: Fall Beauty Edition

It’s that busy time of year again, and I’ve gotten lax with my beauty routine (see my near-makeupless face above) so I thought it would be a good time to review some basic beauty Do’s & Don’ts. Here’s to a beautiful fall!

Curl your eyelashes! You’d be surprised how big of a difference this simple step makes. It opens your eyes and makes your lashes appear longer. For best results, curl each lash for 6-10 seconds before (I do mine after) applying two coats of your favorite mascara. Extra credit: Add some individual fake lashes

Use a dryer sheet to reduce frizz! Dryer sheets for laundry helps with static electricity in your towels, so it only makes sense that it would help with frizz too! On mornings where your hair just won’t chill out, grab a dryer sheet and gently rub it from your roots to the ends of your hair.

Put together an emergency kit of beauty essentials! I’ve had this on the to-do list for AGES since I’m always on the go and seem to be endlessly dashing out the door sans lipgloss or with a mascara in my purse pocket. September is the perfect time to stockpile “mini” extras of all your favs. Post to come on what mine are.

Update your foundation! Are you still tan? Because I’m not… and I  fake bake it.  Who has the time? I’m busy trying to enjoy the last of summer! As you transition into your paler fall/winter self, just be mindful that the foundation and concealer that “perfectly matched” in August, may look like a mask in early October. My trick is to keep a few different shades of foundation and custom blend as I need while my skin transitions into fall. Right now Neutrogena is my go-to brand.

Apply an eye primer before your shadow! An eye primer is often seen as a pointless step, but it’s actually the opposite! It will help the pigment in your shadow be more vibrant, as well as keeping it on all day without creasing or smudging. I’m SO lazy though, so I love that my Mary Kay cream shadows have the primer in them. In many cases, I use these as base for other eye looks

Darken up your hair color! Only if you want to. The  (early) fall can be a really fun time to experiment with lowlights, toner, or a rinse. Have fun playing with it now, before the holidays and the family pics take place! Plus, if your hair is like mine, it’s likely fried from a summer of swimming and sun (ok, and peroxide…I confess), so any processing you try that deposits hair color (ie: darkens) will actually make your hair look a little healthier. Score!

Schedule a fall facial! After (hopefully) a summer of sun, sand and surf, your skin is left thickened, but hopefully not sun-damaged due to your religious sunscreen habit (right??). Pores are definitely clogged and in need of a thorough cleaning, so schedule a facial with extractions with your favorite esthetician. If you like a relaxing day at the spa, by all means, go have a massage, but in my humble opinion, as much as I adore spas the facialists tend to be more inclined to pamper your face than give it the brutal (but medically sound) overhaul that a licensed esthetician will and that is what you need. There really is no DIY extraction equivalent, since scarring yourself is easy, so I’m afraid this is one you just need to save your pennies for and splurge on. It’s an investment I’m happy to make, since it’s a LOT cheaper to prevent skin damage than it is to reverse it.

Gently define brows with a pencil or powder! Especially if yours are light or overplucked, defined brows can open up your whole face and bring all the attention right to your peepers (and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think their eyes aren’t pretty so we all want this).

Apply wet over dry! This one is important especially during transition months, like fall, as the indoor heating comes on. Make sure to apply these over a liquid foundation, but NOT over powder, which will make the product cake, leaving you with an uneven skin texture.

Play up all your features! Choose either your eyes or lips to stand out, then keep the other simple. This way you’re drawing attention to your face but not overpowering every feature.

Go crazy trying every trend or new item! Most of us know what works for us, so don’t feel like you HAVE to try every new thing under the sun. Friends have been asking me what beauty balm is all about and I have to be honest, I don’t see the appeal for anyone in their 20’s or 30’s. And then just last weekend, I went with a new Essie fall ’12 shade on my nails instead of the “old” OPI shade I wanted and have regretted it each time I glance down at my fingers on my keyboard. Grrr.

Skimp on sunscreen! You know this is my absolute #1 most important bit of advice. Sunscreen is important even if you’re not going to be outside for a long time. The simplest way I incorporate this into my everyday routine is to look for a face and body moisturizer that contains SPF – that way you know you’re always protected! For my daily use (going to work, etc) I spend $ on the one for face (I use Mary Kay TimeWise Day Solution, which has SPF 25, and a cheapie CVS lotion with SPF 15 on my neck, chest and hands, or other visible skin)… but if I’m spending a day outside in the sun I use a straight out Sunscreen on both my face and body. I love Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen.

xoxo, Wendy

Product Review: Purity Cleanser by Philosophy

What is it about Philosophy products? The packaging alone makes me want to be a better person. [Edit: After I wrote this entry, I thought I’d read up on the brand a bit more. That is exactly what their mission statement says. CRAZY. Read here]

Purity Made Simple by Philosophy, $20 (8 0z)

Gentle. Smells like heaven. Still not a “cream” so it won’t add moisture, but  sage, chamomile and carrot infusion leaves skin feeling so soft. The scent reminds me of a fancy spa. After a stressful day, the last thing I want to do is spend time at the sink primping, but this works like aromatherapy and can relax me in just the few minutes I spend washing my face.  Mabe not worth buying full size, but the $10, 3-oz mini bottle is worth the splurge. With only occasional usage it lasts forever. Great for traveling, esp when you want to feel “Hilton” but can only afford “Holiday Inn”!

Most likely to be voted: Cetaphil’s more posh older sister.

Available at Sephora.