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3 Steps to Gorgeous Skin – Kate Somerville

Don’t we all want to know the secret to glowing and gorgeous skin? Celebrity aesthetician Kate Somerville shares the 3 simple steps in this video:

*But remember, the key is REALLY consistency.
You have to make time for you skin care routine.*

Click the picture to watch on YouTube

Kate Somerville’s 3 Steps to Gorgeous Skin

1. Exfoliate– remove dead skin

– Look for one with small, round grains. This is a physical exfoliant.
– A chemical exfoliant often contains fruit acids and is left on skin, like a mask, while it dissolves dead skin.

Recommended: ExfoliKate is so awesome because it is both a physical and chemical exfoliant.  {I use mine 2x/week.}

2. Hydrate – plump, quench, treat
Usually, this means applying a serum. *Oily skin does not = hydration!*

– Look for one with hyaluronic acid
– Also look for one with peptides, which target fine lines and wrinkles

Recommended: TimeWise Day Solution by Mary Kay, $30

3. Moisturize – lock in hydration

– Choose one based on your skin type
(oily= oil-free; dry= a heavier cream, etc)

Recommended: Anything, honestly! I like Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, Aveeno and Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar.

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How To: Cream Eye Shadow

Cream eye shadow is one of my all-time favorite new discoveries.  As much as I adore my makeup brushes, let’s be honest… I love any product I can apply with my fingers!

And not to sound like a broken record, but I am obsessed with the Mary Kay ones!! They’re just so damn versatile and I lovvve that there is an eye primer in them to prevent nasty creasing.   I’m so mad there aren’t more color options, but in a way, their neutrality is the reason you literally cannot pick a “bad” one. I might even I definitely prefer them to MAC Paint Pots. There. I said it.  Here’s a swatch:

Photo courtesy of the *phenomenal* beauty blogger over at Glitter Geek!

(Colors swatched left to right)

Beach Blonde is a shimmery champagne
Pale Blush
is a cool matte pink
Apricot Twist
is a shimmery golden
Iced Cocoa
is a shimmery copper bronze
Glacier Gray
is a shimmery pewter

My favs right now are the iced cocoa and apricot twist, which I am definitely using to try this look out asap for Thanksgiving (minus the spider eye lashes):

I totally understand if cream eye shadow intimidates you. I used to feel that way about REGULAR eye shadow, but just remember that you need to play around with your makeup to find out what you like. That’s why so  many of us rocked BLUE eye shadow as teens. And look, now I’m an adult who just learned how to use cream eye shadow. Huzzah!

Cream Eye Shadow Tips

  •  Use a brush for more control. I love to apply with my fingers for convenience, but a brush can do wonders.
  • Build up color gradually. You want smooth and even color. Mary Kay’s are basically crease-proof, but if you dredge your lids in chunks of un-blended color, let’s be realistic… creases will happen.
  • Use a primer. Eye lids are oily so you need to prep your canvas before you add color to it.
  • Add more to intensify. For a subtle look, just use a little and then intensify to a really deep look by adding more. Remember that cream shadows dry very fast so you need to work quickly when you apply. It’s a blessing and a curse, so do yourself a favor and build your color gradually! It’s easier to add more than risk over-applying and having to re-do all your eye makeup.
  • Use as a base under powder. Just do shadow right on top for a gorgeous look. Blend, blend, blend.

Coming soon

I’m a bit behind on postings so I thought posting a list of my to do’s, including some upcoming post teasers, might be JUST enough to keep you interested…

Finish blog posts: Rodial face oil review, Self-tanning tips, Sephora Friends & Family shopping guide, Nexxus Pro-mend split end binding treatment review, Revlon “Just Bitten” lip stain product review, Bridal Beauty cheat sheet, Mary Kay cream eye shadow review

Get samples of Pangea Organics Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Massage & Body Oil, Kate Somerville Tan Towelettes, and Model Co. Tan in a Can (@Sephora)

Buy geranium, lavendar, and coconut scented oils to add to basic body lotion (@Whole Foods or on Amazon)

Make DIY version of Nivea’s discontinued shimmer body lotion and also Scott Barnes “Body Bling” or Nars Body Glow Bronzer, $36, (to wear for the holidays which are coming up!) and post results

Compile holiday beauty gift-giving guide and favorite products of 2011

Just like Kate Middleton

Earlier this summer I got my first ever professional skincare and makeup lesson from a friend at Mary Kay. I learned a lot, but the biggest takeaway was just being reminded of the things I already know but don’t always do.

For example, most of us already know we should be doing the 3-steps of skincare: Cleanse, tone, and apply moisturizer. We should use sunblock every day. We should own a decent set of makeup brushes and use them to apply our makeup. We should delicately dab on our eye cream with our weakest finger. We should use eye cream, period. Blah, blah, blah.

But somehow it’s different when someone else tells you to do these things. And explains why you should. Especially when that someone is a professional. I also learned that Mary Kay is the number one-selling skin care line in America which was news to me, miss beauty junkie.  {Did you know this?}

Since my beauty class/wake-up call, I’ve been using the TimeWise facewash, moisturizer, and the day and night serums for combination-oily skin and can speak to the incredible improvement in the tone and texture of my skin. And I love how smoothly my makeup goes on over the day serum and moisturizer especially, like I’ve used a fabulous primer. Give them a try if you can. I bet you’ll be as smitten as I am.

Post on what Make-Up & Skincare Kate Middleton uses.

And most important, try to be more mindful of your daily beauty routine. If Kate Middleton has taught us anything, it’s that mastering and sticking to the basics is key to beauty.