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Friday Finds

Being married is the best. Hearing the hubs say ‘my wife’ in casual conversation, peeking at his ring, and getting “hello, wife” texts = constant hideously goofy grinning happening over here, 24/7. Welcome to ma vie en rose I suppose.

“Hawaii” art print, Etsy, $30/The Newlywed Cookbook, $19/Brompton Clutch, J.Crew, $59/Say Yes “Mrs” necklace, Kate Spade, $78/earrings, NuNu Designs, $68/monogrammed iPhone case, Etsy, $65/Getaway Tote , Jessica Simpson, $69/Panama Hat, J.Crew, $58

1. I love to pick up commemorative art whenever we travel.  I can’t pass up turquoise-anything and I’m drooling over the typography.
2.  We do NOT need another cookbook!!! But the reviews on Amazon rate it at a bagillion gold stars, ok? So we do need it. Duh.
3. New summer clutch! I have an allergy to proper-sized handbags.
4. Favorite necklace everrr.
5. SOLD OUT?! Looking for a more affordable version.
6. New initials: Check. New iPhone case to commemorate: Yes, please.
7. Jessica Simpson: Stop making bags (and impossibly high heels) that I want in my closet.
8. The husband loves when I wear hats so this one might be coming home soon. Do I have the nerve to wear it? Maybe if my husband looks at me adoringly in it, I might.

Happy weekend everyone.

Summer 2012 shopping list

– the perfect Breton Stripe T Cream breton stripe crew neck T-shirt by TOPMAN
– Something similar to these beauties (and more affordable)
omg, I love these too! Seafoam Chalcedony Bezels
-this Panama Hat from J.Crew – Love!!!
Panama hat-J Crew
Sperry’s in navy {And if I’m really ballsy, these gold ones}
– Ray ban aviators, like these:

– Cotton shorts in white, black, & coral
– Neon pink everything
– A bright, fun summer clutch

– Floppy straw sun hat
Eberjey Colette Racer Back Bralet, $56 {for under summery tanks):

– A boyfriend blazer similar to this:

– Chambray shirt

– This Kate Spade purse – please go on sale already!!!

Jessica Simpson Getaway Tote | I am literally drooling.

p.s. I’m managing a crazy extravagant shopping list over on Pinterest, but I really need to hone in, so it’s just my idea board.
p.p.s. What are you pining for summer 2012?