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Products You Should Try

Got my hair ‘did a few weeks ago and have been too lazy to finish up this post and picked up a few items I’ve been lusting for, but also learned a new blow-dry smoothing trick I thought I’d share. It’s embarrassingly obvious so don’t judge.

I decided to get fancy and dust off my Photoshop skills (above pic). I know. Blowing your mind.

If you’ve never tried the Shuga line, I highly recommend this Dellaria’s salon brand – – it’s amazing quality. They’re a bit different from your traditional styling products because they are made with yogurt¬†proteins and natural plant and milk sugars instead of synthetic ingredients (RE: fake stuff).

1. Shuga Leave-in Conditioner, $20: I’d probably die w/o leave-in, that’s how much I adore it as a styling product. My hair feels like hay. Not kidding.

I was a litttle skeptical of a this one bc of the can, but it was phenomenal. And the scent is fantastic, like candy.. you’ll want to huff it.¬† Spray all over your wet hair to detangle and condition.

2. Shuga Gel Creme, $18: Use a dime to quarter-sized drop of this and scrunch in for incredible hold before blow drying. I especially love this when I’m going to curl my hair but it’s an advanced-level product I think b/c you really have to work it in! *Note: I don’t recommend this if you don’t plan to blow dry. I’ve found that it gets a bit sticky. Imagine dumping a yogurt in your hair? Ew. I’m not saying this is how this product works but I want to be clear that you must blow dry if you use this one.

3. Moroccan Oil – Light, $42: Amaaazing!! I admit I avoided this one because of the price, but my friend Michelle raved about it, so I splurged when I saw a 20% off back-to-school sale at Dellaria’s and I’m glad I did! If you have fried ends or overly processed hair, this is for you. It’s a TREATMENT, not just a styling product, so it does double duty, which I love.

4. Medium Ceramic Barrel Brush (2- 2 1/2″), $28 (but you can find them for more/less, too) Seriously, cue the violins. I often skip a blow dry at the salon to save time after my color, and a few $$, but I had plans after my last salon visit, so I dried it myself before leaving. I used a little of the Shuga leave-in, combed it out, and did my thing using a paddle brush and looked like I stuck my hand in a light socket. I frizzed out so much I was embarrassed to make eye contact with my stylist, Samara.

Normally, I use a lot more products to tame the beast, so I’m convinced that is why it looked so awful, but Samara had a few spare mins and offered to finish the blow-out for me. Using a medium-sized ceramic round brush, she just grabbed small sections of hair at the root and brushed down the length of each section while she hit it with a little warm air, completely smoothing out the crazy fly-away pieces around my hairline and angles. It was incredible.

I realize now that my own round brush is aluminum which is great b/c it speeds up blow drying time, but isn’t quite doing the smoothing job that a ceramic brush does. So this is a redic long-winded way of saying that using a ceramic round brush to smooth out your at-home blowout is a MUST! I’ll post once I decide which one I want to buy, but I’m liking what I read about the MoroccanOil one I linked to above.