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Celeb beauty: Emma Watson

Where did Hermione go?!! Over the past 10 years, we’ve watched Emma Watson transform from geeky teen to edgy and sophisticated beauty and style icon. It’s no wonder she was tapped for the face of Burberry. I’m trying to pull together some thoughts on her look so I gathered together some of my favorite images of her to get inspired and noticed a few key things:

1. She keeps clothes sleek + simple with single-piece ensembles with interesting details like texture, draping, or cutouts, and minimal accessories.  She also regularly wears (what I consider) sophisticated, sleek, and edgy designers like Chanel, Rodarte, Vivienne Westwood , Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, and Burberry.

2. Her hair is simple, unfussy, and not overly styled. It’s a very French take on hair for an English girl, actually. She always has a great cut that emphasizes her best features.  Her part stays put whether it’s grazing her shoulders or cropped short and dark or light, her color is well-maintained, shiny, healthy-looking, and effortless. Even her red-carpet hair is usually an “anti-updo”.
3. Her gorgeous eyes are consistently a focal point with the rest of the face remaining quite bare usually. Thicker, groomed eyebrows, liner, mascara, neutral earth-toned shadows are her mainstays for eyes. Her lashes are fluffy, defined, and curled. She occasionally does an extra edgy smoky eye or an ethereal shimmery white lid.

4. Finally, matte, nude lips and a flawless complexion compliment her spare, almost gamine look. Makeup artist Charlotte Hayward used Creme de la Mer lip balm on her during Deathly Hallows to get a moisturized, but matte, not glossy lip look. Emma credits a makeup artist for introducing her to using a little nude liner on lips. If you study the photos, you can see how this subtle blurring of the natural lip line and pink of the lips brings even more attention to her gorgeous eyes.  Not a lot of celebs can pull this off because the foundation of the entire look is natural beauty + fabulous skin. You can’t fake the former and the latter requires fantastic dedication to skin care.

As I love to say: It takes a LOT of effort to make it look effortless and Emma Watson is proving that she is the real deal.

Emma’s Products: Through my research for this post I learned about some of the products Emma has recommended, what her makeup artists have used on her, and some of her personal buys:

– L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lip Liner in Nudes for Life
– Lancôme Vernis in Love Nail Polish in Gris Angora
– Luzern Pure Cleansing Gelee – gentle and contains no parabens or fragrance
– MV Organic skincare Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser
– 365 Everyday Value Immune Support
– Lancôme Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover
– Lancôme Hypnôse Doll mascara
– Figs & Rouge line
– Creme de la Mer lip balm
– Benefit eyebrow gel
– Dior cream blush
– Bobbi Brown eye liner smudge pots
– Organic Glam makeup Luminous Antioxidant Foundation
– Zoya nail polish
– Chanel’s Le Vernis nail colour in Fantastic
– Dermalogica’s tinted moisturiser
– Stila Sun Bronzing Powder in No 1

Professional Credits: Makeup artists: Linda Cantello, Charlotte Hayward
Stylist Anita Baker: Check out her site and blog for great styling tips

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