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August Beauty Routine Wrap-up

My beauty routine has been pretty simple to wrap up the summer: Focus on skin care, some Moroccan Oil in my hair for air drying, and a pop of pink-y color on lips or cheeks. Despite slathering sunscreen like it’s my job, I’m pretty tan so I’ve been skipping foundation and just smearing on this Josie Maran Argan Oil cheek tint stick, $22, alone or on top of a little of Benefit’s “Posie Tint,” $30. I do a little mascara (not pictured because I literally use anything; the trick of it is in the application technique and the curling, I swear) and head out the door. Easy!

As I approach 30, I’ve tried to be a little more vigilant about an anti-aging regimen. I’m convinced that the lack of deep forehead lines is due to tri-weekly Retin-A use for the past few years, but I’m always on the lookout for new goods.

During a Friends & Family sale in early July, I picked up Kiehl’s “Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate,” $77. I can happily report it works incredibly, applied nightly. If you try, heed this: A little goes a long way! Don’t pump the dispenser all the way down like I habitually do or you’ll find yourself spreading product onto your neck, chest, back of your hands, and occasionally — your partner! (If they don’t object to a little beautification, that is.)

Another goody my terribly oily, summer-distressed skin is loving is the Cinq Mondes Spa Phyto-Peeling Lotion (toner). The fruit acids (AHAs) and Glycolic Acid are key. My pored have never looked tighter or cleaner. Obsessed.

Just use it already

josie-maran-argan-color-stick-petal-pinkWe all have products (and clothes) that languish in our makeup bags and closets that for one reason or another we just don’t pick up on a regular basis. Often, I’m trying to conserve it for a special occassion. Then I rediscover it months later, totally forgotten. So my new motto is: Just use it already!

One of my favorite buried “discoveries” is this Josie Maran Argan Cheek Tint Stick, $22, in petal pink. It works on cheeks and lips and is so moisturizing. Usually I avoid that with my oily skin, but it works for me. The color is incredible on tan skin and it works as the most wonderful blush base for me to do my powder blush (Benefit’s Coralista) on top. (This is a little trick I picked up from my wedding makeup artist and Kate Middleton employs it beautifully.) The end result is a beautiful, multi-faceted blush look with major staying power.




Product Review: Bonne Bell Gel Bronzer

Bonne Bell Bronzing Gel, Golden Tan 416Bonne Bell Gel Bronzer in Golden Tan is easily one of my favorite beauty products of all-time.  The lightweight, oil-free gel works like a stain so it really lasts so it’s great for when you’re doing any prolonged outdoor activity.  If you’re afraid of self-tanner, you should try this sometime. Because it washes off after a single use, it’s basically foolproof. I consider applying a stain to be a more advanced makeup skill, but if you remember to move really quickly and apply a little at a time to just one small area of your face, you’ll be fine. I recommend squirting a little dime-size dollop on fingers first, then blend in go forehead, cheek, cheek, then do a quick swipe with anything leftover on my fingers across my nose and chin. And for under $5, how can you beat it?

Q + A: Makeup Purging and Brush Cleaning

The reality is that my makeup is taking over.  I won’t even open drawers to show you the palette overflow. Someday I’ll have a bathroom vanity with counters!

Q of the Day: “How often do you purge your makeup? It irritates me to throw stuff away that I didn’t even use all of- I wish they made make up in smaller quantities. The only thing i ever get to use all of is my foundation! do you wash your make up brushes or just replace them? how often?” – S.B., Florida

Beauty Check Answer: Admittedly, I need to be better about this, because I too, HATE wasting full, unused products! I purge my foundations every 3-4 months, moisturizers NOT in pumps, ever 3-4 months, and eye shadows and eye pencils ever 6 months of so. I am completely intolerant of dried out mascara so I feel like I’m endlessly tossing these. I mean, a fresh tube of Maybelline is like, $5! Splurge! There is nothing better than a fresh mascara!

But beyond the purge, I have found that buying “mini” versions, usually in kits or specialty gift packs (or at the front of the store Sephora) eliminates waste and has allowed me to discover really great new products I might never have tried. Birch Box is another great way to avoid waste and discover new stuff.

Over time, I have learned that I will never make it through a full size Stila luminizer liquid before it spoils, so I know now to look for the small “sample” bottle.  Or if I want to try a trendy something, I buy a cheapie version from the drugstore, and if I love the look (which I usually don’t), I’ll invest in something that is better quality.

I am religious about makeup brush cleaning, though!! I clean them bi-weekly. If you have investing in quality brushes, they should stand up to rigorous cleaning. I use a little baby shampoo, a blob of gentle face wash.. anything I have on hand that is cleansing and gentle. I’m not picky. Just cleaning them, period, is what matters. *Always dry them flat though! If you stand brushes fluffy side up, you risk damaging the glue holding all those precious hairs in, so be smart and lay them flat to dry