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Best celeb hair

I was doing a little hair research earlier and Googled โ€œbest celeb hair” for fun. The results were a lot of the usual suspects: Jennifer Aniston, Blake Likely, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, and Giselle, but I think what stood out most is that celebs change their hair a lot. They also definitely use volumizer. All of them.

Celebrity hair is consistently shiny and healthy-looking. Lengthwise, it’s all about the chest-grazing strands and color is either light or dark or you’re a redhead like Emma Stone or Christina Hendricks. There is no mousy-colored hair in Hollywood.Did you notice that “lauren conrad hair” came up under related searches? The girl is doing something right with her hair, it’s true. If you don’t already read her site, check it out: thebeautydepartment. The overall site design is a snooze fest and the pastels make me want to gag, but there are some great hair tutorials.ย  She covers the basics and offers lots of really sound advice on everything from hair, to nails, to clothes.

So now on my Beauty Bucket List: Research volumizers. And I encourage you all to take a cue from the celebs: Get your hair cut regularly, don’t be afraid to think rich with your color, and regularly change up how you style it.

Question: Who do you think has the best celeb hair?
My answer: I consistently love Kate Middleton, Julianna Hough, Blake Lively, Jessica Simpson, Mila Kunis, Nicole Richie, Zoe Saldana, and Jennifer Aniston, and I’m always impressed by what a chameleon Rihanna is, too.