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Be in the Know: Gilt City

I AM OBSESSED. As a beauty-minded girl, I keep running lists of products I want to try, treatments I want to get, and salons and spas I want to visit.

Now I love Groupon and BuyWithMe and all the others as much as the next saavy shopper, but I feel like you have to be choosey with your buys. I don’t always recognize a lot of the places, so

I feel like it’s best for:
1.) deals on products you know you want
2.) trying and discovering a new place for cheap

But where is the deals site for the more luxe products and services? The answer is Gilt City. Launched in the fall of 2010, Gilt City is a spin-off of the hugely successful, members onlyΒ Gilt.com – a national luxury online shopping site. Basically, what the original site is to clothing, Gilt City is to beauty. But the best part?? The deals are for EXTRAORDINARY spas, salons, and services that I’ve heard of and are ALREADY on all my lists!

In the last month I have seen deals for Bella Sante spa, Bliss Spa, Gretta Cole, eye lash extensions, BCBG, and Kate Spade. [Aside: It is a wonder I am not broke.] So what are you waiting for?! Sign up!

Gilt City: click here for 20% off coupon on your 1st purchase