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Q + A: Makeup Purging and Brush Cleaning

The reality is that my makeup is taking over.  I won’t even open drawers to show you the palette overflow. Someday I’ll have a bathroom vanity with counters!

Q of the Day: “How often do you purge your makeup? It irritates me to throw stuff away that I didn’t even use all of- I wish they made make up in smaller quantities. The only thing i ever get to use all of is my foundation! do you wash your make up brushes or just replace them? how often?” – S.B., Florida

Beauty Check Answer: Admittedly, I need to be better about this, because I too, HATE wasting full, unused products! I purge my foundations every 3-4 months, moisturizers NOT in pumps, ever 3-4 months, and eye shadows and eye pencils ever 6 months of so. I am completely intolerant of dried out mascara so I feel like I’m endlessly tossing these. I mean, a fresh tube of Maybelline is like, $5! Splurge! There is nothing better than a fresh mascara!

But beyond the purge, I have found that buying “mini” versions, usually in kits or specialty gift packs (or at the front of the store Sephora) eliminates waste and has allowed me to discover really great new products I might never have tried. Birch Box is another great way to avoid waste and discover new stuff.

Over time, I have learned that I will never make it through a full size Stila luminizer liquid before it spoils, so I know now to look for the small “sample” bottle.  Or if I want to try a trendy something, I buy a cheapie version from the drugstore, and if I love the look (which I usually don’t), I’ll invest in something that is better quality.

I am religious about makeup brush cleaning, though!! I clean them bi-weekly. If you have investing in quality brushes, they should stand up to rigorous cleaning. I use a little baby shampoo, a blob of gentle face wash.. anything I have on hand that is cleansing and gentle. I’m not picky. Just cleaning them, period, is what matters. *Always dry them flat though! If you stand brushes fluffy side up, you risk damaging the glue holding all those precious hairs in, so be smart and lay them flat to dry