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Weekend Project: Coffee bean brush holder

Maybe more of them will end up in one spot instead of thrown into a pile of products on my bureau…
Makeup brush holder
I think I’ll do a little brush cleaning and inventory while I’m at it. I’ve got a lot of the basic brushes, but I’d love a few dedicated blush brushes for my expensive ones, especially since I’ve been reaching for big fat fluffy more and more for my bronzer!

Coffee bean brush holder
This simple project keeps your makeup brushes upright and organized. And your bedroom will smell like coffee every morning.

 What you need:
• small, clear plastic tub (one side should be open)
• coffee beans/ small grains/dry beans etc.

1. Take the clear tub, and fill with coffee beans and/ or small grains (whichever you prefer)
2. Stick your brushes into the coffee beans, brush side up.

Have a great weekend!