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Review: Rene Furterer Fioravanti No Rinse Detangling Spray

Rene Furterer Fioravanti No Rinse Detangling Spray, $26
About the brand: With 50+ years of hair care experience…ok, that’s good enough for me. Healthy scalp = healthy hair.
Usage: Spray all-over damp hair to help detangle and add shine
Special redeeming qualities: Smells like herbs. Shine-enhancing. Essential Oils. Makes combing out my hair 1/10th the bitch it used to be.

I went to a new stylist at Dellaria’s recently and he asked me what I use to detangle my hair. I slunk in my chair and mumbled that I’ve been meaning to invest in a better brand, blah-blah-blah  …but that Aussi’s detangler has been my main squeeze SINCE HIGH SCHOOL.

Oh the shame. Not that there is anything wrong with Aussie. On the contrary, they are a quality brand, but I pay oh…let’s say $1000 a highlight for my color, so using something that’s not gentle enough for color-treated hair is basically a waste of time (a 1-process w/ highlights takes some serious upkeep) and money I don’t have.

So he starts spraying my longggg hair all-over with this fabulousness and glides a comb right on through my horrendous tangles. I perk up and have to ask, what IS this magic? It smells like an herb garden. Less floral/more “parsley” which might be a little weird, I know, except I’m a-liking; a lot. It’s $26.

{HOLDUP. I don’t like it for that much.}

So I did what any saavy, budget-minded girl does. I jotted the name down (taking note of every.single.other.product. this genius hair dresser had on his counter) and immediately went home and ordered it on Amazon for $18.


Verdict: This product has changed my life and you must go buy it immediately.

xoxo, Wendy