Why Serviced Apartments Is Important For Your Temporary Stay in Singapore?

People traveling for business, work jobs, education or relocation look for options to stay for the short or medium term.

Singapore has the wide assortment of accommodation options including hotels, serviced apartments, Hostels, Airbnb; catering to various needs and purposes.

‘Serviced apartments’ remains a terminology not so familiar to peoples who don’t travel very frequently. But for anyone traveling regularly to Singapore; serviced apartments are very familiar and in fact, their preferred accommodation option. You can also explore more about Singapore apartments for sale from online websites.

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With serviced apartments, you can look forward to having your own private space and enjoying a “home away from home” feel.

A remodeled flat as compared to a hotel room provides 30-40percent more space, more privacy, costs roughly 35% less than hotels and has a fully equipped & furnished apartment at your disposal. These apartments have all the required amenities a traveler might need; like access to fitness center, swimming pool and much more.

In recent years, the serviced apartments have gained popularity over any other temporary lodging option in Singapore. They are outperforming concerning occupancy rates as compared to hotel rooms. Due to their cost-effective nature, more and more companies prefer serviced flats as their preferred housing choice for their employees who travel to Singapore for short-term or medium-term projects.

Here are the reasons why a serviced apartment is the best option for you:

  1. More storage and space – When the stay is for a long period, more space must accommodate all your possessions. Having a larger space helps in storing items properly and neatly without causing clutter.
  2. More savings for households, and longer stays – If you’re on a work assignment and would love to have your family over for a holiday during your stay in Singapore, go for a two-bedroom serviced apartment. It’ll be comparatively cheaper and convenient than hotels.
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