Self-Defense And Safety Tips

Self-defense isn't just about learning a couple of self-defense techniques, it is about all the things we do on a daily basis to make our lives safer. This really is a record of simple guidelines that will just help you understand some scenarios that are potentially dangerous. They might merely activate a feeling of awareness in you. You may head towards to find more tips on self-defense.

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  • Alarms are the number one deterrent for burglars.
  • Fit locks on all doors and windows, don't leave the keys in the lock but leave a key in each room in a place well known by all family Members in case you needed to get out in crisis.
  • Dogs are a big deterrent to Burglars.
  • Fit security lighting at entrances to your home.
  • Do you have a neighborhood watch program locally?
  • You spend a lot of time at your residence – Make it a safe place.
  • Understand the natural weapons you could use that are likely scattered around.
  • Add locks to windows and any or all doors.
  • Train hard / Fightwize
  • Every room should have an item that may be utilized as a weapon.
  • Pens are great weapons, have one in every room.
  • The kitchen is full of weapons from knives to chemicals (oven cleaner, detergents)
  • The bathroom can also have cleansers, colognes, objects etc
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