Multiple Small Patio Heaters vs. A Single Big One

Investing in a patio heater is a sure way to stretch out the warm summer months and spend more time outside with family and friends. It can be difficult to know just how big your heater needs to be, to warm up your patio, or if you need more than one. It might be an unnecessary investment to buy a big commercial one like

How many patio heaters you will need to buy depends on how big your patio area is and how much you are willing to spend on a heater. Larger heaters are usually more expensive than smaller heaters because generally speaking, the larger the heater, the more BTUs it will generate. The average rule of thumb to follow is 10,000 BTU per 200 square feet. Of course, if you live in a very cold area, you may need to increase that figure. A small table-top gas heater will produce up to around 15,000 BTUs and the average free-standing propane or natural gas outdoor heater will produce around 40,000 BTUs. Electric heaters will usually produce fewer BTUs than a similarly sized gas heater.

The layout of your patio is also an important consideration. If you have two seating areas, then maybe two smaller sizes table-top heaters would be enough to keep your family and your guests cozy. If you entertain a lot and will have a lot of people standing and passing through your patio, then a larger free-standing heater will be the best option. If you have a small patio and prefer sitting out at a table, some electric heaters can be located directly under the umbrella.

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