When it comes to my hair, my skin, and my face I’m going to be picky and you should too. I want the best and I want more that a Yelp review. Word of mouth is my preferred method of referral so here are some of my personal favorites:Makeup Artists
Anemone Makeup
Bobbi Brown
Dani Wagener – Boston, MA | wedding makeup
David Nicholas – Boston, MA
GirlyJunk – MA | wedding makeup
Jeanine Lobell – founder of Stila Cosmetics
Julie Bégin
Katrina Hess – Boston, MA | wedding makeup
Kevin Aucoin – (deceased)
Liza Zaretskyprofile
Tom Pecheux – Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director

Brad Duncan Skincare -*Voted Best of Boston, 2011*
Joanna Vargas
Kate Somerville
Landa Cosmetics and Spa – Framingham, MA (Personal favorite)
Renée Rouleau

Hair Stylists
Mark Townsend – celebrity stylist to Lea Michelle

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