Know About Business Envelopes

Standard business envelopes come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. Knowing the envelope sizes helps make your regular and advertising mailing easier. For example, the number 10 envelope is only 9-1/2″ wide, the 6-3/4 is only 6-1/2″ wide.

Envelopes come with gum flap that is moistened to seal. Self Seal flaps are available either Flip and Seal or Peal and Seal. You can check out Quickbooks check envelope (dual window) are made to hold Quickbooks and accounting software checks.

Cases are on my own internet site [] Paper ranges out of 20-lb wove and 2 4 lb wove in white or various colors to 32lb brown kraft.   White wove printed at the top left hand in dark ink.   Paper with two folds. Window envelopes are created at exactly the exact sizes and configurations since ordinary envelopes having a typical window which measures 1-1/83 top by 4-1/23 wide set 7/83 from both sides and 1/23 from underneath.

The chests include either chewing flap or seal.  Notice: Not all of sized include self Seal.  Standard window coverings can be purchased plain or tinted within black or blue ink to get increased security of your files that are important.


Envelopes makers offer dual window coverings to simplify setting checks along with other items from the envelope eliminating printing the organization address and name and fixing the envelope.  There are numerous sizes and window placement on dual window coverings.  Be certain the envelope you get fits the product you’re likely to insert.

Envelopes manufactures have expires to create pretty much any size that you want with just about any size at the positioning require.  Conventional small business envelopes usually are counter printed in 1 color, two color 3 color or full shade.

Raised printing is thermography (perhaps not advocated since thermography will melt top speed copiers or laser printers and also may mess up your equipment).  We urge special raised printed envelopes which move under various titles like Laser Raised etc.  The standard of Laser Raised is like exceptionally high priced collectible envelopes.

6-3/4 envelopes is the standard size for Business Reply. These envelopes can be manufactured either full face with your name and address printed on the face of the envelope or with a postage paid form on the face of the envelope. Check with your post office for the latest charges for postage paid envelopes. The post office will design the form for your envelope.

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