How To Use Pepper Spray

Using pepper spray to fight off an attacker is not just a matter of pointing and firing. There are many variables that should have to think about, in advance, to be able to use pepper spray economically and effectively to fight off an attack.

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The Way To Take It

There are only three basic methods to take a defensive spray and picking which one is best for you will soon be determined by the type of spray, size of the spray and whether you're male or female.

Handbag Carry – Many women prefer this method, particularly if they take a large canister like 4 ounce or larger. The downside is the fact that most women have a tendency to throw it into their bag and forget about it, which makes it difficult to find on a minutes notice when they require it. Many canisters have a clip so that it can be attached to an inside pocket or flap of the purse for easy access. It needs to be in a spot where you are able to reach in and grab it without looking.

Key Chain Carry – This process is the most frequent and popular way to transport pepper spray. Many folks have their keys within their hands when approaching or leaving their vehicle so it's readily deployed at a moments notice.

Belt Carry – This really is the way their department problem pepper spray is carried by cops. It is also the preferred way of guys using defensive sprays. Bigger model sprays normally come with some form of leather belt strap. It's within reach quickly and simply. The belt clip is attached by lots of people so that it faces down toward the ground.

Don't ever carry pepper spray in your pocket you won't be able to recover it rapidly enough to be deployed. Most assaults happen quickly and without warning, so a quick deployment is vital to achieve the desirable consequence. Taking pepper spray in your pocket is comparable to giving a one to two second head start to an attacker. Remember, for a defensive spray to be successful it should be easily accessible.

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