How To Diagnose  obesity

There are certain tests to diagnose obesity. If you visit your doctor because of your weight problem, he or she is likely to review your health history. You will undergo a physical exam and take some tests to confirm the diagnosis of obesity.

The doctor will look for what might be contributing to your weight problem and see if there are any complications. You will be taking tests to diagnose obesity, which usually include:

Your health history– The doctor reviews your weight history. He or she also looks at your previous weight-loss efforts, eating habits, what kind of other conditions you have had, stress levels, and other health issues you might be having.

BMI-  The doctor will calculate your body mass inventory (BMI). This indicates your level of obesity. It also indicates any other health problems you might have an appropriate treatment.


Laboratory tests-What kind of tests you take depends on your health and risk factors. These tests might include a blood count (CBC), cholesterol test and other blood fats, liver function tests, fasting glucose, thyroid test, and other tests depending on your health. If you want to have any test then consult online

These are the tests to obesity. The information will also indicate what health conditions and risks you have. All this will help you and your doctor develop an effective treatment plan.

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