Hiring the Right Bartenders

Hiring the right bartender makes a huge difference in operating a successful and profitable bar. A bartender who is fast, efficient, outgoing, able to upsell and suggest higher priced options and keep customers entertained will make for a very successful bar operation. The opposite is obviously true for a bartender lacking these skills.

As a new bar owner, you probably don’t want to spend the time and energy training a brand new bartender- you will be better off finding one who already has the skills. Even better, find a bartender who already has a dedicated following. You can also hire liquid caterers by clicking right here.

Professional Bartender

Another option along these lines, though it is employed by very few places, is to have a “guest” bartender come in one night a week.

Unless you plan to have a bar back position, someone who cleans and stocks the bar because the bartender is too busy, you must also make sure your bartenders are not just good to drink pourers, but also good at keeping the bar clean, well stocked, and organized.

Training your bartenders should include proper portioning of drinks, which can be tested using a measuring device and practice pouring. They should be taught to properly stock and replenish the bar supplies throughout the shift, including ice, liquor, and all mixing supplies.

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