Helpful Self-defense Tips

Self-defense can be of many kinds. Basically, it is a countermeasure to an attack on one’s person; an act of defending oneself. Self-defense is not limited to personal safety; it could include household, property, family people and so forth. The 'right to defend oneself' is established by legal jurisdictions in many parts nevertheless the interpretation of the 'use of force in times of danger' differs widely. You may choose from a variety of options for non-lethal weapons like pepper spray for your security on

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Best Basic Self Security Methods:

  • Do not to try anything dramatic; it implies that do not copy movie stunts or techniques which come from hours of practice and perfection unless you have gotten some amount of training in a specific technique.
  • The purpose is not to win. Rather it is to gain time to find a get away from mode or draw attention of others around in order that the opponent is outnumbered.
  • Know your limits. If your attacker is armed, somewhat lose your wallet and credit cards, wrist watch or charms than put up a fight and be stabbed, severely putting yourself at immense risk. Stay calm and try not to panic
  • Do not merely stand still or give up. Any kind of resistance is better than no amount of resistance at all and if you show some spirit, you never know, it may put the opponent off guard a little, to your great advantage.
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