Exploring the Ocean Life in Croatia

Springs and consume holes, clean green-hued rivers, even a gloomy sea teeming with life – that abundance of warm water and underground water paths status Croatia in fifth place to the European monument of water reservations cover nearly half of continental Croatia.

From lowlands and subtropical woods, you can find several 170 different organic communities – deciduous, coniferous and mixed, Flood woods, ancient woods, park, woods, juniper thickets along with macchia would be the particular options of the woods universe of Croatia.

Croatia jealously protects eight federal parks, ten nature parks and an entire array of special reservations, such as vegetation, animals, geological formations all in just a tiny but rich area which might be traveled by car in one end to yet another within a moment.

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Rafting for a manner of transport down and up slopes additionally has a very long heritage in Croatia. But, whitewater rafting as today’s kind of experience started just in the late 1980s and served to draw notice into the remarkable beauty of Croatian shores that, up to that moment, was famous only to relatively couple holiday adventurers and sailors.

Even the Adriatic’s submarine planet is actually a veritable paradise for people that want to celebrate o tiny of their subtropical underwater lifestyle.

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Fish and fishes concealing underneath the varied plant universe combined the rocky beaches; cubes escalated right to a sand/ sea-bed; will take your vacation to just another level.

Croatia is an ideal place for water lovers, where you will experience the best ocean life in the Europe. To enjoy the beauty of this exotic place, plan your trip now.

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