What are the different types of Fabric Printing?

Different printing types Will Be

  • Discharge
  • Re-Active
  • Khadi (White Ink)
  • Water-based Pigment
  • Oil-base Pigment
  • Cotton Burnup

Discharge Printing:- Discharge Printing is printing onto a khaki cloth, this procedure uses destroying agents like chlorine or hydrosulfide to ruin color over the fabric and leaves brilliant print onto it.  Such a printing has got the skill to produce glowing, opaque on dark clothes.  The printed cloth is then cleaned and cooked thoroughly. For more details about different types of fabric printing, you can go to http://www.fabricprintingthailand.com/ .

Reactive Printing:- Reactive printing is usually made with a heating procedure and also this is the way of printing a wax, dyes, dyes or different colorants on a fabric or any other compacted substances.  The printing procedure employs plate procedure, first, the image print on an initial strand which serves as an intermediate between the original substrate and substances substrate and image is moved into the substances substrate which may be cotton or any other compacted material, here the colorants cross-linking happens by the reaction between substances selected from both compound categories.  Both of These chemical collections effective at responding with hydrogen and also anybody in this category whether It’s present in the ink, then the picture prints on the substance substrate.

Khadi Printing (White Ink Printing): -Khadi Printing is chiefly achieved on light or dark colored cloth.  The Printing process involves ceramic oxide along with other auxiliaries mixing these 2 substances into the colorants provides the distinct color mix and also the Essential points constantly to Remember appropriate mixing provides desire soft and print grip.

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