Cosmetic Surgery – Its Psychological Impact

The classic phrase, "Beauty is only skin deep", belies the truth. The relevance and importance of beauty is pervasive, penetrating deep into all societies.

It has long been acknowledged that people who are deemed physically attractive have a societal advantage. Numerous studies, using photographs, have shown that those who are judged to be physically attractive receive preferential treatment in virtually every societal situation examined including education, employment, medical care, legal proceedings and romantic encounters.

Clearly, appearance does matter. This emphasis on beauty is the engine that drives the demand for modern day cosmetic plastic surgery. If you are looking for best Cosmetic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery in Sydney you can search it online and can find the experienced cosmetic surgeon for yourself.

While the role of beauty in society is readily apparent, the relationship between cosmetic plastic surgery and its psychological effects is not as clear.

The early assumption was that external physical changes lead to psychological improvement. (e.g., higher self-esteem) Such assumptions gave medical credibility to cosmetic surgery. In this regard, cosmetic surgery was viewed similar to a psychiatric or psychological intervention.

In the middle of the last century when cosmetic surgery began to emerge from the shadows of medicine, it was felt that rampant psychopathology existed amongst cosmetic surgery patients.

As psychiatry developed and more standardized assessments were used (e.g., DSM-IV) the presumed psychopathology of cosmetic surgery patients was not nearly as extensive as previously believed. 

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