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Thought for the Day

motivationI feel like I spend so much time “planning”. So much so that sometimes I get so caught up in it that I never begin. Of course it’s overwhelming, even terrifying to set out on an unknown path, particularly one you’re not even 100% confident is the correct one, but that is where I think faith comes in. Now to be clear, I don’t necesarily mean faith in god. I think it’s kind of a cop out to say that. I’m talking about faith in yourself. Faith that you have the power within yourself to course correct and make it work if it turns out that it actually isn’t the right direction. But you need to start the process by making that first decisive step. To begin!


Product review: Philosophy Hope in a Jar oil-free spf 30

20130514-231603.jpgHas anyone ever not lusted after a beautiful bottle of Philosophy body wash? I tend to always sniff, but abstain, telling myself I’ll splurge some day. I still remember the first time I ever saw Philosophy products in a store. The scents, the branding, the packaging — I was in love! The Purity cleanser is still one of my favorites.

I always struggle with the need for sun protection and moisturizer in the summer. So many of the good sunscreens aren’t also specifically moisturizers, so I am happy to report that when I tested this one out, I found it to be a true moisturizer with the added benefit of a high SPF. And I love that it isn’t formulated with harsh chemicals like:

– Sulfates
– Synthetic Fragrances
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petrochemicals
– GMOs
– Triclosan

I heart beauty products

Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with beauty products. I remember some of my first purchases ever made with my newspaper delivery money were Freeman’s facial masks. One was your typical mud mask and the other was this super fun to use peel-off with aloe and cucumber. Do you remember the Biore warming masks? Or when the Biore pore strips came out? I was out of my mind excited/obsessed with them.

I worked at CVS throughout high school and was ecstatic when we got a delivery and I got to put away product in the beauty aisles. I wasn’t as into the makeup as I was the hair and skin care stuff, but I was so enthusiastic about grooming, even the toothpaste aisle gave me a little thrill. I could paw bottles of shampoo and lovingly “face*” bottles of body lotion for.ever.

(*For those who don’t know, “facing” in a pharmacy like CVS is the equivalent of folding a sweater so it looks all fancy, at a retail clothing store like J.Crew. You just move product forward on the shelf, making sure all the bottles up neatly aligned. And in case you are wondering, I loved facing.

Which brings me here. I love, love, love beauty products. I love trying them, reading about them, admiring their packaging, and analyzing their ad campaigns. I adore researching purchases, browsing, and testing. Basically, I love every single step of the process that will occasionally lead me to finding those life-changing products that absolutely blow me away. But my absolute FAVORITE thing of all has to be talking beauty products with people, which is why I’m writing.

I need to share. I hope you guys enjoy!

Do you have “secret weapon” products that are your all-time favs? I would love to hear. Drop me a line here to share them.