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My skin regime: Acne edition

IMG_4518One of the most important things I’ve learned about skincare is that consistency is key. It took me years—and a few trips to a dermatologist—before I understood this. Now, when I’m not dealing with a breakout, I’m in maintenance mode, trying to prevent the next disaster. Acne is a lot like Santa— just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not [going to be] there.

The above products make up my dermatologist-recommended routine.
I use them in the following order:

CVS Acne Foaming Face Wash, $9 — Few things make me happier than discovering similar ingredient labels and testing to find similar performance between store and name brands. Love me some savings. I wash with this morning and night at least 4-5 days a week.

Clindamyacin Pads — These are prescription. Without getting too scientific, they’re round pads soaked in a lincosamide antibiotic used to stop the growth of certain bacteria that cause acne. Sexy, right?

Adapelene Cream — Another prescription. This is a topical retinoid cream that works to unclog pores. One of the side effects is sun sensitivity, redness, and peeling in the beginning. Make sure you use sunscreen if you’re using retinoids!

Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture, SPF 15, $10 — No matter what, but especially crucial because of the retinoids I use, my AM routine always contains some form of SPF. I like this moisturizer on work days because it’s oil-free.  But if I’m going to be outside for longer than an hour, I always use a straight broad spectrum sunscreen and a higher SPF for more protection. But when I’m just commuting to/from work and plan for minimal time outside, I think an SPF in my moisturizer and makeup covers enough bases.

Sunscreen 101

bikinis on the beachMay is Skin Cancer Awareness Month? It’s literally my sun-block-touting time to shine, (pun intended).

I push sunscreen for two reasons: Skin cancer and wrinkles. In fact, the main reason I began writing this blog was because I noticed a lack of online information educating people about the importance of proper sun protection while using retinol products. And as the number 1 fan of the chemical peel, I’m  schooled in the dangers of sun exposure in the weeks following one. But there are so many out there who aren’t.

So I started this blog to share what I know. I’d always heard that most sun damage occurs before age 18, but recently read that this was confirmed to be a total myth. What other misinformation is out there? Do you know what SPF actually means? Or the difference between suncreen and sun block?

In an effort to educate, I’ll be dedicating a post or two a week over the course of May to answering some some of these questions and will also review some of my favorite sunscreens. Who doesn’t like new beauty products?

3 Steps to Gorgeous Skin – Kate Somerville

Don’t we all want to know the secret to glowing and gorgeous skin? Celebrity aesthetician Kate Somerville shares the 3 simple steps in this video:

*But remember, the key is REALLY consistency.
You have to make time for you skin care routine.*

Click the picture to watch on YouTube

Kate Somerville’s 3 Steps to Gorgeous Skin

1. Exfoliate– remove dead skin

– Look for one with small, round grains. This is a physical exfoliant.
– A chemical exfoliant often contains fruit acids and is left on skin, like a mask, while it dissolves dead skin.

Recommended: ExfoliKate is so awesome because it is both a physical and chemical exfoliant.  {I use mine 2x/week.}

2. Hydrate – plump, quench, treat
Usually, this means applying a serum. *Oily skin does not = hydration!*

– Look for one with hyaluronic acid
– Also look for one with peptides, which target fine lines and wrinkles

Recommended: TimeWise Day Solution by Mary Kay, $30

3. Moisturize – lock in hydration

– Choose one based on your skin type
(oily= oil-free; dry= a heavier cream, etc)

Recommended: Anything, honestly! I like Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, Aveeno and Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar.

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