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Product Review: Purity Cleanser by Philosophy

What is it about Philosophy products? The packaging alone makes me want to be a better person. [Edit: After I wrote this entry, I thought I’d read up on the brand a bit more. That is exactly what their mission statement says. CRAZY. Read here]

Purity Made Simple by Philosophy, $20 (8 0z)

Gentle. Smells like heaven. Still not a “cream” so it won’t add moisture, but  sage, chamomile and carrot infusion leaves skin feeling so soft. The scent reminds me of a fancy spa. After a stressful day, the last thing I want to do is spend time at the sink primping, but this works like aromatherapy and can relax me in just the few minutes I spend washing my face.  Mabe not worth buying full size, but the $10, 3-oz mini bottle is worth the splurge. With only occasional usage it lasts forever. Great for traveling, esp when you want to feel “Hilton” but can only afford “Holiday Inn”!

Most likely to be voted: Cetaphil’s more posh older sister.

Available at Sephora.