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Friday Favorites

IMG_1010Boston’s Langham Hotel “Cafe Fleuri” chocolate bar — go!
2012-08-25 12.58.47doughnuts + lazy weekends at the beach cottage
IMG_0534a delicious gift from some wonderful friends
IMG_0987the simplest design in quality material = just lovely (bone china tea service)
IMG_2973a jello cupcake and homemade topper for a friend’s birthday

It’s so important to delight in the small things. A beautiful piece of stationary. A stickynote pad that makes you smile. Or the perfect shade of pink macaroon. My camera is filled with so many pretty little instances of beauty that inspire me, that I want to share. These are a few favorites lately. 

Friday Favorites

IMG_4468can’t wait to get crafty with these ribbonsIMG_8203it’s nearly time for the annual “summer-is-almost-here” road trip trip to Maine for chowder + cocktails 29927_DM0460omg this Madewell chambray shirt is adorable. stop it, shirt.dress>>honing in on a potential birthday look
fe9f298ec65c1f944daccde917a3647f>>this color combination + the fresh blooms—ah! //totally smitten &  inspired

Maybe it’s just because another birthday is on the horizon, but May is feeling a lot like New Years. I’ve been making lists of projects I’ve been meaning to tackle, setting aside time to write, taking my camera everywhere, and making time to cook and bake.  I’m so much happier. Strangely, this blog is a massive source of stress because I want to write about SO many different things but (usually) feel that it’s best to leave the beauty/product stuff separate from the more personal and married-life stuff that I write about over here. For now, I’m not going to keep stressing over it and  just focus on getting some posts up. Happy Friday!

Friday Favorites

I think all the spring cleaning we’ve been doing in preparation for Easter has
inspired me to want to simplify everything. To get back to the basics.  Nature. Family.
Good food. That’s where my head has been all week which is why flipping
through gardening and seed catalogs, framing loved ones’ photos and planning out a
spring-y Easter dinner menu have been the highlights of my week. I can’t wait
to get out into the garden. Here are a few favorites this week:

>>I love that lily of the valley is known as “the return of happiness” among gardeners<<

>>Elizabeth Taylor’s dressing room inspired me to fill my own space w. photos that make me happy<<
>>Jane Birkin’s Birkin bag is lived in + personalized. It’s a metaphor for a life well lived<<IMG_1262
>>I’m drooling over this gorgeous Crate & Barrel Easter 2012 display<<

Hepcat Shades

>>these Madewell “Hepcat” shades in soft mint are so fun and spring-y<<

Friday Favorites

BC_Friday-Finds1>> a beautifully done favorite quote/ some of my favorite spring flowers<<

It snowed in Boston on the first day of spring. Still—on my walk to work I saw tulips pushing up through the snow. Is there anything more inspiring than that? I love spring. We’re hosting Easter for the first time ever this year so I have been loving all the prep for it. Which really means I’ve been looking at food pictures and thinking about the decor. Priorities. Have a wonderful weekend!

BC_Friday-Finds2>>love/want/need: this candelabra + table styling/these gold-rimmed glasses/this book about French Vogue’s most fashionable editor<<

BC_Friday-Finds3>>egg decorating inspiration + my new favorite font, a 1/2/3/4<<

Friday Finds

Being married is the best. Hearing the hubs say ‘my wife’ in casual conversation, peeking at his ring, and getting “hello, wife” texts = constant hideously goofy grinning happening over here, 24/7. Welcome to ma vie en rose I suppose.

“Hawaii” art print, Etsy, $30/The Newlywed Cookbook, $19/Brompton Clutch, J.Crew, $59/Say Yes “Mrs” necklace, Kate Spade, $78/earrings, NuNu Designs, $68/monogrammed iPhone case, Etsy, $65/Getaway Tote , Jessica Simpson, $69/Panama Hat, J.Crew, $58

1. I love to pick up commemorative art whenever we travel.  I can’t pass up turquoise-anything and I’m drooling over the typography.
2.  We do NOT need another cookbook!!! But the reviews on Amazon rate it at a bagillion gold stars, ok? So we do need it. Duh.
3. New summer clutch! I have an allergy to proper-sized handbags.
4. Favorite necklace everrr.
5. SOLD OUT?! Looking for a more affordable version.
6. New initials: Check. New iPhone case to commemorate: Yes, please.
7. Jessica Simpson: Stop making bags (and impossibly high heels) that I want in my closet.
8. The husband loves when I wear hats so this one might be coming home soon. Do I have the nerve to wear it? Maybe if my husband looks at me adoringly in it, I might.

Happy weekend everyone.