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Find of the day: Alice & Olivia dress

This bright, splashy, Alice & Olivia dress almost didn’t come home with me. It’s an unusual combination of pattern and colors for me but I was swayed because it’s silk and I loved the cut. It has a higher, elasticized waist and a draped, low-cut back so it’s incredibly flattering, but best of all, it was a steal for just $50, marked down from $330. How do you say no to that? I’ve already worn it to a late summer wedding and plan to dress it down with a cardigan, tights and boots this fall.

The busy color scheme initially gave me pause, but admittedly makes it SO easy to mix and match blazers, cardigans and accessories so I can already see what a workhorse this dress is going to be. It’s good to break out of your comfort zone one in a while so I’m happy with this purchase.

New specs for spring





For as long as I can remember, the quality of my day was defined by whether or not I was wearing contact lenses. I was committed in all my bloodshot glory for about 18 hours a day. It wasn’t pretty. Or healthy.

But Warby Parker changed all that. Now the one perk of my poor vision is the need for fun new frames.

I recently tested out these frames but can’t decide exactly how much of a hipster I’m comfortable pretending to be. Thoughts?

Top-bottom frame names:

Style Habit

IMG_4563>> a few of my favorite books on grace, style, and beautiful living <<

Early in my career, an art director told me I have “a good eye.” For proportion? For design? I don’t know. It was vague. But it’s something I recall often—in irony—as I stand in my closet unsure what the hell to wear.

The thing is, I constantly think about clothing. All the time. But it’s more than that. It’s personal style that interests me.

skirtWhen I first discovered Scott Schuman’s The Sartorialist and later Polyvore, I became addicted. I think it’s because I’ve always been really good at identifying either really great individual, well-constructed “pieces” or an overall “look” but when it comes to putting outfits together for myself, I’m a disaster.  So finding two sites devoted to inspired style was a life-changer. I love studying looks and recognizing why this or that works, drapes well, or flatters. Books, magazines, film, TV—they’re all sources of inspiration.

IMG_4514>> I keep a running list of things I need posted by my closet <<

But I’m tired of standing in a closet full of beautiful clothes with nothing to wear. What use is endlessly tearing out pictures from magazines, making inspiration boards, writing lists of “wardrobe must-buys” and studying others’ style if I’m not doing anything about it? Time to dive in.

So I’m not pinning any more “style inspiration” over on Pinterest and all magazine destruction is on hold. I have a cork board posted near my closet of a few inspiring things for spring, but that’s it.

My goal for April is simple: Start actually wearing what I already have.The “style” will come later. I may even do a little #ootd’ing on Instagram if you care to follow along.

New Shoes & My Shopping Philosophy Summed Up

I can’t explain why these Nine West heels appeal to me so much. When I first spotted them displayed next to the same pair in black my first thought was “Black is more practical.” But the blue! I was in love.

Too often I’ll take home a dress that seems practical or a jacket that’s a supposed “closet essential” and then never wear it.

The experience reminded me that fashion, or more specifically—style—should be like that. Personal. You should let your gut guide you. If you are excited about something in the store chances are good that you’ll continue to love—and wear—those shoes or that jacket—that gave you butterflies to begin with.

And for the record, I have already worn these out and love them even more.

Hermes Birken & Kelly Bags

I once read a great accessories tip from Michael Kors: If you want to buy a designer bag, get it in a fabulous color or an amazing skin to get more bang for your buck. An Hermes bag is more than just a bag though, it’s a lifestyle. With this in mind, I played pretend and selected three favorites from the Rue La La sale happening right now.

Hermes Ciel Togo Leather Kelly 32cm PHWHermes Ciel Togo Leather Kelly 32cm PHW

This icy blue Kelly bag reminds me of namesake Grace Kelly and also the Tiffany’s blue which, in turn reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. So if I ever splurged, I’d love to pay homage to two of my all-time favorite icons.

Hermes Cognac Ostrich Birkin 35cm PHWHermes Cognac Ostrich Birkin 35cm PHW

Hermes Rare Dalmatian Buffalo Leather Birkin 30cm GHW

Hermes Rare Dalmatian Buffalo Leather Birkin 30cm GHW

For a Birkin, the ostrich and Dalmatian buffalo leather feel the most in the spirit of Jane Birkin. It was designed as her weekend bag, so I love that the earthy, textural qualities of both seem luxurious but ready for wear as it’s toted across the globe. And a neutral bag is always a good bet when traveling. 

Classic staples: Stack heel pump

Etta patent pumps
J. Crew Etta patent pumps
, select colors, $129-159

The “good” shoe thing is a slippery slope. Once you buy one quality pair, you’re basically ruined for life. I’ve learned that you get what you pay for with shoes. From the design, to the material, to the physical construction, a pair of well-made, classic-shaped pumps is both versatile and comfortable, ensuring your money is well-spent.

This patent pair from J.Crew is classic, comfortable—and on sale right now. I have a similar style from Coach that I am so in love with, when I’m not wearing them, they frequently sit on display on my desk, like works of art.


New Year’s Eve look

New Year’s Eve is always fun to dress for since I love sequins and sparkles. I found this gold sequin dress on sale last winter during my bachelorette party dress search. The moment I saw it, I was in love. Some dresses are just that stunning and special that you have to snap them up when you see them, even if you have no idea where you’ll ever wear them. You’ll make an occasion.

I’ve had something like this on my list if must-buys for a while though. A sequin dress in a classic cut is timeless, sophisticated, and always glamorous. And surprisingly versatile I found; I wore this twice thus holiday season.

For our holiday cocktail party I added a shrunken, 3/4 sleeve cardigan and black sling back platform peep-toes, then for New Year’s, just tied a black ribbon at the waist to give it some definition and chose more neutral peep-toes.

When I have so much skin showing, I like to do some hair down, so I did what I call my 60’s glam pouf and lightly and haphazardly curled my hair and that was that. I’ll add my hair inspiration pic later tonight.


Summer 2012 shopping list

– the perfect Breton Stripe T Cream breton stripe crew neck T-shirt by TOPMAN
– Something similar to these beauties (and more affordable)
omg, I love these too! Seafoam Chalcedony Bezels
-this Panama Hat from J.Crew – Love!!!
Panama hat-J Crew
Sperry’s in navy {And if I’m really ballsy, these gold ones}
– Ray ban aviators, like these:

– Cotton shorts in white, black, & coral
– Neon pink everything
– A bright, fun summer clutch

– Floppy straw sun hat
Eberjey Colette Racer Back Bralet, $56 {for under summery tanks):

– A boyfriend blazer similar to this:

– Chambray shirt

– This Kate Spade purse – please go on sale already!!!

Jessica Simpson Getaway Tote | I am literally drooling.

p.s. I’m managing a crazy extravagant shopping list over on Pinterest, but I really need to hone in, so it’s just my idea board.
p.p.s. What are you pining for summer 2012?

Totally Loving Kate Spade

These Kate Spade “Enormous Swiss Dot Tights” I scored on Piperlime just makes me tremendously happy. I was debating getting the pink, but black is more me.

I am SO ready for winter to be over, how about you?

tights: Kate Spade; cardigan: Anthropologie; ruffled top: vintage; shorts: H&M; flats: BCBG; watch: Michael Kors; necklace: Lia Sophia;  bracelets: Forever 21

Happy Friday, everyone. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Shopping List

The spring ’12 fashion shows and the ridiculous amount of time I spend on fashion + design blogs  have inspired me like crazy, but I can only pin so much.

{Oh hey, and I’m planning a wedding, so let’s not forget that blogroll!}

But I need to start acting on all this creative hoarding, you know?

The plan is to not only start compiling a master spring/summer 2012 shopping list here on the blog, but to actually start buying it.

Just getting the shopping list itself together is a task major. I tend to fall in love with the idea of a look (or more often, just love it on somebody else) and it doesn’t work in real life.

Like this look Sydney Poulton featured on The Daybook recently:
{You must read her – she’s exquisite}

I LOVE the Sperry’s {they are sooooo comfy, you must get a pair}, I have those Target sweats, a similar jean jacket, and have been meaning to err finally, join the rest of fashionable society and buy a chambray shirt already.

And you all know I have a million bags. I could totally see myself wearing this comfy/casual look out to run errands.

So this is usually how I start to pull my list together.  It almost always starts with a photo.  I may not opt for the whole “look,” but something about whatever caught my eye, caught my eye for a reason so I’ll study it until I know what it is.

Tip: Create your own “Look Book” to hone in on what you like
For years now I’ve kept a binder of style ideas or different pieces (like a trench or striped dress) that I like to add to and edit, season-to-season, moving pages around, re-ordering, and culling looks that just don’t aren’t “me” anymore. It’s like my own customized magazine for style inspiration.

OBVIOUSLY I have one for hair, too. Do you know me at all?

As I hone in on the must-have key pieces for spring ’12, I’ll post my  inspiration boards and update my shopping list page with items and hopefully, actually BUY some of them for a change.

Wish me luck!

xoxo, Wendy