All About Islamic Clothing

Islam is one of the most influential religions of the world. Its followers are spread all around the world. Though people’s garments are affected by their culture and heritage, there are other things that could motivate them.

Some of the factors include the availability of materials and resources, climate, social status and group identity. Islamic clothing also follows the same pattern. The Muslim attires usually differ from place to place. If you want to know more about Islamic clothing, you can log in to

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Islamic clothing usually reflects their view and values. Their garments have to be small and decent in appearance. Even though they are easy, the outfits worn by Muslim women and men are quite attractive.

The majority of these clothes is made from cotton and is quite appropriate for hot and humid conditions. Thereby, this sort of Islamic clothing is in high requirements in Asian and Middle East countries.

Generally, Islamic clothing is distinguished into two major groups – the Islamic urban wear as well as the rural wear. The former are usually highly trendy fabrics and are expensive.

They include paint and shirt with a suit in addition to the conventional jubbah and pajamas. On the other hand, the rural wears comprise cotton pajamas and jubbah for guys. The rural women wear easy salwar-kurta together with black Burkha over their face.

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