Advice For Women On How to Save – Retirement Planning For Women

Listed below are the tips and a brief outline from what Siegel had to say about retirement investment for women:

First women must recognize that Investing is emotional. It is tied with our state of mind and sometimes we don't plan considerably enough forward for very personal reasons that can frequently be self-defeating. If you're one particular people then look for advice from other women who've made the retirement decision to plan forward.

Women need 20% more than men to retire because they're living approx. seven years much longer than men.

Women tend to make investments more conservatively than men because they dread sacrificing their money.

– Rather than fearing to lose their money, women really need to give attention to whether they will run out of money. Siegel said that should be their biggest fear instead. If you want to know more about retirement planning, you can also navigate to

– If you're too conservative with your making an investment then your personal savings won't match inflation.

– You need 7.5-9% per year to retire.

– A diversified portfolio is the best and sticking with that is important!

– Presently, you can look to Social Security to provide about 12% of your retirement income. That's a tip for dinner.

– Can you afford to count on living on tip income?

– Be involved in setting aside money.

Regular IRA – Tax-free, but constraints in contributions are just $6,000.00 per time. When you have a firm that gives retirement match, put the maximum amount in because that is free money for you.

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