Introduction Of Mobile Friendly Websites

For some time now Google has been making recommendations around the mobile experience; so it’s really no surprise that it’s now becoming a part of their algorithm.

One point we should highlight since writing that article is that Google has refined its interpretation of ‘Mobile Friendly’.

Simply being able to use your site on a mobile device (i.e. not using flash etc.), is no longer sufficient; the new algorithm requires that you now either need a dedicated mobile site, or a mobile responsive site in order to gain Google favor.

Well that is different; firstly if you aren’t yet rank high in search results, then the effects of this is going to be mostly immaterial for you. To get best web designing service for your website, you can pop over .

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So to answer the query, if you’re now reliant on search traffic to create leads for your company, then it is very likely to be crucial for your enterprise.

It’s also important to keep in mind that it isn’t merely about the visitors, it is about conversion.

Even if your website was bringing high traffic levels, prior to this algorithm upgrade; converting visits to involvement, and through to earnings, could have been shrouded in case your website wasn’t Mobile Friendly.

The consumer experience is essential in this regard and which makes it effortless to navigate is common sense, no matter Google intervention.

You’ll also see when using Google on a mobile device, it says alongside the outcome (below the main heading and prior to the Meta description) when the website is cellular friendly or not.


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