Just use it already

josie-maran-argan-color-stick-petal-pinkWe all have products (and clothes) that languish in our makeup bags and closets that for one reason or another we just don’t pick up on a regular basis. Often, I’m trying to conserve it for a special occassion. Then I rediscover it months later, totally forgotten. So my new motto is: Just use it already!

One of my favorite buried “discoveries” is this Josie Maran Argan Cheek Tint Stick, $22, in petal pink. It works on cheeks and lips and is so moisturizing. Usually I avoid that with my oily skin, but it works for me. The color is incredible on tan skin and it works as the most wonderful blush base for me to do my powder blush (Benefit’s Coralista) on top. (This is a little trick I picked up from my wedding makeup artist and Kate Middleton employs it beautifully.) The end result is a beautiful, multi-faceted blush look with major staying power.




4 responses to “Just use it already

  1. Now that I see this I feel like I need it in my life, this looks gorgeous :) good for you, I also tend to save things for later but really? why not now!!

    • It’s honestly one of my favorite pieces of makeup right now! I can’t believe I wasn’t using it for so long. A little powder blush on top looks absolutely stunning. Let me know what you think if you try it!

  2. Stephanie Leeber

    Hi Wendy! I was just reading your blog post about the Josie Maran Argan Cheek Tint stick…this is so crazy because I found it on my dresser tonight and decided I want to start using it again. I had totally forgotten about it, and put it in my purse to remind myself to use it…when I saw your post after this, I couldn’t believe it…definitely going to use it now!! ❤ this product too!

    • Too funny! I seriously want to raid your makeup; it sounds like you have some great taste! Probably your shower too, for hair and body products!

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