Try it: Teal Liner

stella-mccartney-spring-2013I’m going to go ahead and just say that beauty trends drive me insane. Your look and how you present yourself shouldn’t be dictated by anything except what makes you look and feel your best.  I tend to look at seasonal trends as an opportunity to be inspired and reassess my usual beauty routine—it doesn’t mean I jump and go buy copper shadow so I’m on trend for summer.

Literal translation from the runway is often difficult too, but every once in a while something comes down the runway that catches my eye, like this teal liner look from Stella McCartney for spring 2013. Pared with a near-bare face, nude lips, and simple hair, it’s polished, but fun. Perfect for a girl’s night.

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One response to “Try it: Teal Liner

  1. I always think teal looks nice against a good summer tan, too :) It’s funny, I knew a girl when we were abroad that always wore blue eyeliner, only on the bottom. Kind of like this trend

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