Inspiration shopping

20121124-150346.jpgAnthropologie Sweaterknit rancher hat

Do you ever go out shopping just to get inspired? Anthropologie is my go-to when I need a dose of inspiration. From the mannequin styling to the beautifully displayed glassware, dishes, and tea towels, I inevitably leave with a list of beautiful books I want that’s a mile long and the urge to throw more tea parties.

And don’t start me on the accessories. This fun hat gave me serious pause. I’m not typically a bold accessories type, but I love hats. I tend to buy them imagining that I lead a far more glamorous life than I do and then they hang, unworn, perched on the wall by my closet.

But I think that’s what I love best about browsing little boutiques, shops, and store like Anthropologie. This little ritual reminds me how important little doses of happy things like a fun hat or a beautiful little tea towel can make me. And that I should wear those hats that hang  by my closet. Sometimes it just helps to test drive a little dose of glamour in a lovely, beautifully decorated shop to remind yourself to carry it into your own life.

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