Kiehl’s Essentials: Aziz Ansari

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel collection, $20-35, / photo source
As if I need another reason to love Aziz Ansari from NBC’s Parks and Recreation, GQ just revealed these Kiehl’s lovelies as part of his 10 Essentials. First, let me share that I LOVE the Kiehl’s brand which was founded in 1851. I really respect brands with this kind of longevity and find it reassuring in an era of growth hormones and polyethylene that its formulas utilize extensive herbal and pharmaceutical knowledge passed on through generations of manufacturers.
And second, is there anything sexier than a man who uses grown-up skincare products? I don’t think so. I’m exhausted of suggestions that it’s a woman’s thing so I’m thrilled to see more male stars opening up about favorite products.

Ansari is a ball of energy on TV so it’s no surprise that Kiehl’s’ Facial Fuel line is his go-to. It re-energizes and wakens dull, tired skin using a blend of menthol and citrus extracts. Pop the moisturizer in the fridge for an added chilly boost.

Says Aziz of the brand: “Question: Does Kiehl’s fuck around? Answer: No.”
I couldn’t have said it better myself!Β  Read up on the rest of his essentials here.

One response to “Kiehl’s Essentials: Aziz Ansari

  1. My husband recently started taking his skin care routine more seriously. He’s been using the line from Garden Girl and he looks amazing!

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