Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

I LOVE this foundation. I started using Neutrogena while I was a teenager, but it was the oil-free, “Skin Clearing” foundation and it never impressed me, honestly. On a recent trip, I found myself without foundation, so I gave the Healthy Skin liquid makeup formula a try and am happy to say it’s one of my favs now.

Interesting Claim: Exclusive blend of antioxidants plus SPF 20 work together to visibly improve skin’s luminosity, tone, and texture.Healthy Skin Liquid MakeupReview: It’s awesome. I swear that it just does something good to my skin. It goes on smooth and silky and makes my skin glow. Even after I remove it, my skin looks better. I don’t want to say it moisturizes, but it isn’t oil-free either.  The effect of this formula on my skin is very dewy, luminous, and healthy-looking. I don’t use it regularly enough to speak to any real improvement in skin tone (and I wear sunblock daily), but it definitely does something to the texture; I think with regular use, tone improvement is not an absurd claim either. (Then again, readers know how I feel about using makeup for skin treatment.) Soy may even out skin discoloration and works best through prolonged use on skin, which is how most of us use foundation — for all-day wear– so if you’re not willing to commit to a moisturizer or night serum to treat discoloration, this is better than nothing. Follow?

Ingredients of Note: The 6.6% Titanium Dioxide is better than nothing, but supplement with sunblock under your makeup. The Soymilk Powder (may improve skin tone) and Chrysanthemum Parthenium Flower Extract (Feverfew), which is an anti-inflammatory, are interesting. Something to be aware of though, is the silica. Do you have Crohn’s or IBS? Silica is suspected of causing gastrointestinal or liver toxicity according to (via Good Guide).

GoodGuide Product Rating: 5.5  (5 is average, 6 is above average)
*GoodGuide scientifically ranks products and companies based on their environmental, health and social performance.

How I use mine: I’ve been mixing it with some of my Mary Kay oil-free TimeWise moisturizer in the AM and the coverage even then (thinned out by the moisturizer) is still fabulous. A little pressed powder and it evens out my skin all day long. Love, love, love it.

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