Bridal Shower Beauty

I was lucky enough to have been given two lovely bridal showers over the weekend, so I spent a lot of time prepping for them, beauty-wise, nevermind how intense the search for something to WEAR ended up being (hello, 5 dresses I bought “just in case”). Curious what went into my beauty routine? It’s pretty crazy, so be warned.

General/Daily Beauty To Do’s
– Drink water constantly
– Drink green tea with lemon, no sweetener
– Limit salt and carbs
– Take Fish Oil and Biotin supplements
– Cardio; you need to get the blood flowing!
– Meticulous skin care morning and night
This includes AM and PM face washing, exfoliation 2-3 times/week, eye makeup removal, application of any acne medications, eye creams, retinol or glycolic acid (never both at once), and face oil or heavy moisturizers
– Slather on cuticle cream every night; sleep in moisture gloves

– Two Weeks
– Nightly, Neosporin any dry or cracked skin, cuticles, etc
Do you wear ballet flats, too? They are lethal! Switch to something else if you can so skin can heal! I admit, I wore mine drowning in lotion, with thick socks. It was so offensive.
– Every other night, slather on AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion on elbows, knees, and anywhere that needs it
The 12% lactic acid sloughs off dead skin like nothing else  (coupon here!)
– Use a benzoyl peroxide face wash on back and chest as needed to clear up skin
“Backne” is lethal, but so common. You just need to be constantly treating it. If you don’t see it, just know that it’s waiting for you to let up. Always treat for it leading up to a big event! Better safe than sorry.

One Week
– Start Jillian Michaels’ 7-day “Beat the Bloat” cleanse drink
*Note – I still ate actual, non-specialty food, if a bit lighter/healthier, so it’s not quite a “cleanse”, but it’s a similar idea
– Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Full-body exfoliation with body scrub in the AM
– Tuesday: Mary Kay Microdermabrasion at night followed by a fruit acid face mask, followed by the night serum with moisturizer
– Wednesday: Level II Spray tan at Glow ( spray tanning tips coming!)
–  Wear glasses every day to reduce redness from contact lenses
– Lighten up on daily makeup to give skin a little chance to breath
Shudder. I went out without foundation for FIVE days. Concealer didn’t help much. Agh. All in the name of beauty.

It’s pretty intense, but I am so passionately convinced that skin care is key to looking and feeling your best that I do this happily. If you have a shit canvas, no amount of makeup will help. And I’m all about the power of a killer outfit and hair style (hello, you know my hair obsession), but there are some issues that couture and a distracting hat* can’t cure.

*Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, at the Royal Wedding0429-tara-palmer-parkinson-royal-wedding-guests-crazy-hats_we.jpg

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