What I’m sipping on this week…

Does anyone out there ever feel like they retain water like crazy? In anticipation of my bridal shower this weekend, (and because I’m on hiatus from the gym), I’m giving Jillian Michael’s “Secret Drink Recipe” a whirl. It’s a diuretic drink designed to rid your body of excess water weight and bloating and claims to help you drop 5 pounds in 7 days.

Not pictured is the absurdly priced $6 Apple & Eve Cranberry Juice I splurged on to stay true to the recipe (ahg!!) But Ocean Spray won't cut it, so you must get it!

Jillian Michaels’ “Secret Drink” Recipe:
60 oz distilled water
1 TBS sugar free cranberry juice (not from concentrate)*
1 dandelion tea bag*
2 TBS lemon juice


Steep tea bag in a bit of boiling water, then discard bag after 2-3 minutes. Mix everything and drink each day for 7 days, (sipping throughout the day).
* Note: You will probably have to get these things from a health food store; I found them both at Whole Foods.

It’s day 1 for me so I’ll be back to update you in a week. I’m avoiding salt as much as I can which is torture and should probably limit the carbs, but I’ll save that extreme deprivation for two weeks before the wedding!

3 responses to “What I’m sipping on this week…

  1. let me know how it works!! Is that all you’re supposed to drink during the day, or is coffee/water/wine ok?? How come you can’t use ocean spray? It’s from a concentrate?

  2. First of all, you’re already thin, so I think you’re crazy, haha. Second, be really careful. You don’t want your dress to end up not fitting right the day of your wedding! Usually the last fitting is 2 weeks before the big day!

    • Thank you my dear! I do have a final fitting scheduled for the last possible moment for precisely this reason. I want to be tight for my big day! It’s all about obliques at the gym, these days hahah. :-) XOXO

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