Sephora Coupon Code

Spring is here, finally! If you’ve been putting off buying a new foundation until your “tan” (guilty) now might be the time to splurge. Sephora just sent me a this 15% off coupon and you might be able to use too!  If you shop online, just enter code: CHICWEEK

Here are my top beauty picks for Spring 2012:

1. Still trying to choose my wedding fragrance. Going to give this lovely scent a whirl and see if my beloved is as tickled by it as I am. (Boys don’t notice this stuff, what am I saying!)
2. Benefit’s Coralista blush is PERFECT on tan skin.
3. Even in the summer, I need hydration. I add this to my moisturizer.
4. OBSESSED with these lipsticks and this color, #27, Paris Rose is the perfect summery coral/pink. It flatters everyone. Trust me.
5. I can’t stop trying to rock red lips. This will be my next attempt. The red is a coral/orange. Wish me luck.
6. This gives the most perfect pink-y flush that lasts on my oily skin. I like to over-apply. It will last ALL DAY.

Enjoy!! xoxo, Wend

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