Bachelorette Countdown


Leap Day marked 100 days til my wedding, which means my bachelorette party is in 31 days!!!  Since I’m a list-maker and complete beauty-regime-freak, I have a massive plan of attack. Be warned. It’s intense.

Bachelorette-Prep Beauty Regime
& other things to think about…

- Remember to take actually take biotin supplement
- Actually take fish oil supplement
- Snack on carrots like it’s my business
- Eat clean – [Michael Pollen’s Food Rules is my fav book lately]
- Water w/ lemon. All the time
- No coffee unless I’m working out at 6 am

- Drink green tea. All the time
- Weekly overnight hair masks
- Nigh-time cuticle oil/cream, hand lotion, and moisture gloves
- Keep up with weekly manicures
- Stop picking my nails + cuticles
- Decide on bachelorette hair style
- Decide on bridal shower hair style
- Figure out what to wear to bachelorette
- Let’s be honest. It’s time to buy new spanx.
- Schedule hair cut
- Schedule color [highlights]
- Talk to Samara about a gloss treatment
- Cardio. Every. Single. Day
- Weights. [Lift them]
- Spinning. 2x/week
- Plank every night
- Do this hilarious/murderous Batwing workout w/ Tracy Anderson 3x/weekly
- Splurge on a fabulous special occasion foundation
[I‘m talking: throw down some serious green, people]
- Did I mention spanx? Might need to double up.
- Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate, 1x/week
- Exfoliate entire body 3x/week
- Begin self tanning on the 13th, repeat on 19th
- Maintain tan with Jergens daily after
- Facial

Let the madness begin.

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4 responses to “Bachelorette Countdown

  1. Holy crap! I guess I better get started on regime so I’m not an ugly bridesmaid at your bachelorette! :(

  2. This is an amazing schedule – I definitely am going to plank every night too! Great ideas even for those of us who aren’t tying the knot yet. Congrats!

    • Thank you, glad you liked! I’m all about the lists! Ah, planks are the best. It’s all about core strength, a la pilates.

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