A mascara-in-my-bangs kind of Monday

Things are getting crazy busy with my part-time job starting up and I have been zipping out the door with an embarrassingly bare face. (I won’t even touch the lack of hair brushing that is happening.)

There is nothing wrong with wearing minimal makeup, but I’m not even slapping some concealer or mascara on and it’s getting ugly.

When a friend texted this AM, that she’d gotten mascara in her bangs, (how the heck do you get that out?!) it became clear that the summer to fall transition is just not going well and we may need a “Back-to-school” refresher course before we abandon our jobs for the beach. So, without further ado…

Tips for a 5-minute face

1. Splash some cold water on your face to get some blood flowing. Dab dry, but not completely and apply your moisturizer; oil-free or moisturizing. Whatever your skin type needs. I like ones that have some SPF, but I’m not going to preach on that. This is a 5-minute face, but your skin is the canvas, so prep it right.

2. Use your finger to dab a nickle sized blob of liquid foundation in the center of your forehead, on your nose, on each of the apples of your cheeks, closest to your nose, and your chin. Blend, focusing on the T-zone, where the most unevenness and redness tends to be. (*If you have perfectly even-toned skin, skip this step but picture me flipping you off. Bitch!)

3. Dab your finger in a little creamy concealer and dab on any blemishes, under-eye circles, around the nose and mouth where there is usually redness or, in my case, some sun damaged skin that’s freckled under one eye. Don’t blend too, too much. (If you have anything particular beastly to cover up, bust out a concealer brush and set with powder.)

4. Depending on how much concealment/magic you just performed in step 3, you will add some blush or bronzer in one of two ways…

– Lots of cover up: Grab a powder blush and a fluffy blush brush and delicately apply on the apples of your cheeks.
– Little cover up: Grab a liquid tint blush, gel bronzer or cream blush pot or stick and use your fingers to blend on the apples of your cheeks.

5. Apply black eye liner pencil to your upper lashes only. Don’t smudge it in. Curl your lashes and apply black mascara. Grab a pink-y colored lip gloss and apply on your way out the door.

Extra credit: Scrape your hair into a low ponytail, parted to the side and grab some diamond or pearl stud earrings. Tame any flyaways with a little styling cream and you’re classically polished without putting much effort into it. BAM!

I could go on and on about the importance of drinking plenty of water, getting lots of sleep, using an eye cream at night, exfoliating a few times a week, and always wearing sun block, but seriously, who is that good?

…actually, you definitely MUST wear sunblock so you don’t look like a leather bag in your old age. So please try!

For the tremendously time-strapped or the extremely lazy
If you do nothing else in terms of prep, just apply self-tanner to your face every few nights. You’ll wake up with a bit of a tan, which makes everyone look better. There. You know ALL my secrets now.

Hope you guys enjoy!

12 responses to “A mascara-in-my-bangs kind of Monday

  1. Hahaha…I LOVE this blog! “Back in the day” when I could run out the door pretty close to bare-faced..my regime was somewhat similar to your suggestions…only w/o foundation. Concealer was a must, mascara a must..and an eyelash curler was the difference between “looking alive” after a night out and looking…. well, like I’d been out all night. Cold water on face…(Paul Newman used an ice bath in the a.m…..really wakes up the skin!…so did Katherine Hepburn, I believe..but she also brushed her teeth with soap, so I don’t know about Kate) I have since discovered that those ice tubes that are used in beverage bottles are superb for reducing under eye puffiness en route to work. Queen of the high-heeled run to the office (they joked that I could save the Town of Walpole a bundle if I would just pass over the common on the way in…like at the Kentucky Derby…aerating the soil) the 1st order of business is just to appear (control breathing…as if you have not run through the village at breakneck speed)…….”showing up is 99% of the deal.” Greet co-workers as you head to the ladies room. You’ve bought yourself valuable time. Re-splash cold H2O..apply moisurizer, concealer, NOW you’re not in a rush to do eyeliner so it, of course, comes out perfectly…and the mascara should be waterproof so that’s held up. Re-curl lashes. Pearls are a must, must, must…one should always have a collection of “studs” in their desk!!!

  2. haha marie, I often put my make up on at work! shh! I, too loved the blog post :) My only question is do you all curl your lashes after you apply mascara? I always curled mine first.

  3. I put mine on it the car!!! I know. Dangerous!!

  4. Hahah, my mom made a lot of really good points. Depending how my AM is scheduled (meetings at 9 of not), I do some of the more tricky stuff at work. I have a little makeup stash in the office ladies room for this in fact!

    Staci, I put mascara on first only bc I tend to overclamp and I can never coat the lashes once I’ve overly “bent” them. I’ll revise my posting though. Curling first is safer for lashes and more effective I think!

  5. ..now that’s a bad day, Staci..never mind the mascara stuck in bangs…a lash curler pulling out precious lashes is a nightmare..but if done gently, this isn’t likely to happen. I disagree about the effectiveness of doing them before curling…actually, there’s a technique that makes sense…if you curl them with mascara on..at the point where it clamped, mascara will have been removed from lashes. Touching that line up actually reinforces the lashes at that point and seems to hold the curl longer.

  6. Come to think of it..not much has changed. I actually pull myself together in phases. Cold H2O, brush teeth…God help me, I still do the crochet hook/pen to hold my hair up in a kind of chignon!…something fairly presentable to wear for the bus run. Back home, re-wash face. Depending upon urgency, apply moisturizer and sunblock..apply eyeliner and fill in eyebrows. I don’t bother with mascara or foundation during this phase. A little “Elvira”..I know..but at this point, who cares?..hopefully, it’s a sunny day and I love wearing sunglasses…even as a hair accessory atop my head. Phase III would be another quick splash of H2O, more moisturizer mixed with foundation…concealer and mascara. Eyelash curler, at this point in time would be Phase IV. Maybe for the wedding!

  7. What do you use for self tanner (face and body)? I feel like you put this somewhere in an earlier post, but I’m correcting tests and am too important (read: lazy) to search at the moment…

    • I’m not picky at all — I use the same on my face as my body usually. I like L’Oreal’s sublime bronze lotion or gel (or the spray – *body only, I’ve never tried that on my face) in medium but the fair is good too, I’ve used that in the winter; I LOVE Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa self-tanner. It is tinted with a bronzer so I like to risk smudge-off on my clothes to take advantage and NOT shower within the 6-8 hours of the color developing so I can take advantage of the tint. Note: there is some shimmer in this, so use a face-specific tanner if you’re heading to work! Finally, I love Clarins self-tanner for my face. :-)

  8. I used to use jergens lotion with self-tanner in it and i remember in between my fingers turned orange! I have never put a self-tanner on my face, but I’m really prone to acne so I have to be careful what goes on my face bc usually it causes breakouts. Good tips wendy and marie regarding eyelash curler!

    • You have to put tons of lotions on your hands before you apply and scrub hands religiously after! (I’m mid-way through a self-tanner post.. haha so stay tuned!) — I completely feel you, re: breakouts and tanner. I have tricks for you though. :-)

    • I’ve done the Jergens thing, too, but I think I want something with more immediate impact? I’m feeling very pasty of late.

      • I mainly use Jergens day-after to help correct my tanning mistakes and to give some color to the areas I tend to buff the tanner OFF of, for a more natural look (elbows, angles, knees, wrists and hands). If you’re feeling pasty, try the Bath and Bodyworks self-tanner, it’s great! The Kate Sommerville tan towelettes have been on my must-try list for-ever too. I’ve heard nothing but raves about how easy to use they are. Any stay tuned, I’m working on a self-tanner tutorial. :-)

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