Sephora Strategies

Last week after a mani/pedi sesh with the bridesmaids for my friend Shawna’s wedding, I stopped by Sephora (with my friend Michelle!) to replenish my beauty stash.  I have to admit, Sephora overwhelms me, like Ikea.  I’ll start aimlessly wandering the aisles and staring until the tubes and pots all blur together. Do you know what I mean?

I find that going in there with a list always helps me stay focused so I leave without having a breakdown. I try to ALWAYS at least arrive with one of the following:

1.) Products I think I need that I want some brand guidance and assistance with choosing (re: a full-coverage foundation, a concealer, a non-shimmery black shadow, ect)

2.) Recommendations/products I might have read about and want to try out in-store

Now, please, know that I don’t just spend my hard earned dough on just ANY beauty products. I research the heck out of every.single.product., which is really why I have this blog, so I can share this crazy passion of mine with more people.  Happily, Sephora has made the research process EXTREMELY easy; their customer reviews are fabulous.  Seriously. I cannot give enough raves, props, and applause for how consistently up to snuff these things are, which brings me to my next Sephora shopping strategy – aka my “I am the laziest beauty blogger ever” secret tip.

3.) My most secretive, top-secret, secret: Surf the website’s “Top-Rated Products” list. I cannot tell you how many of these items are favorites. It’s NUTS. Don’t believe me? OK, I’ll share my favorite one.

[Related tangent: I’ve also taken up a similar strategy for clothing shopping, too. Don’t have enough time to run into Banana Republic/The Gap/Anthropologie/J.Crew, etc? Just look in the windows. Chances are, the best, most on-trend (or else, classic)-pieces are probably featured there.  Just snap those up and you’re in and out and likely, not regretting your purchases. I mean, I am not a scarf person, but just last week after mindless browsing in Francesca’s, I nearly went to the register with TWO. You do pay full price for items, it’s true, but if you’re like me, you spend very little on classic pieces found at T.J Maxx and Marshals, so you can afford supplementing with a few outfit makers bought in-season at stores like these]

2 responses to “Sephora Strategies

  1. Hey Wend, I’m loving this blog! I’m definitely going to research the Clarisonic Mia and maybe invest in it. And I am featured in the post above! Haha, I’m famous! Our Sephora trip was so fun. Love you. xoxo

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